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ESP PE 1 Minute Challenge - High Plank

Welcome to the first in a series of daily challenges set by Mr Birtwistle & Mr Hancock. Today's Challenge - 1 minute high plank Hold #SpencerSport

ESP Daily Challenge - Step Up!

Today's challenge is to see how many step up's you can make in 1 minute! Grab a set of steps and go!

ESP Daily Challenge- Fancy Touch Football

Today we have a Football based challenge for you to try! Think you can do better?

ESP Daily Challenge - Speed Bounce

Today we have the Speed Bounce challenge, expertly demonstrated by Mr. H. See how many bounces you can do in 1 minute!

Earl Spencer 1 Minute Challenge- Sock Golf

Second of our daily challenges, this time.. Sock Golf! Why not try it at home and let us know how you got on.