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Bored of staying in?  Why not take a visit to one of the places listed below?  


Why not take a virtual tour of the Egyptian pyramids or visit NASA's mission operations room?  Fancy something a little more cultural, then visit the Natural History Museum in London.


There are plenty of places to visit, without needing to leave home! Enjoy - perhaps, send me a postcard from one of your adventures. Happy visiting. 




Here you will find some useful websites to use.


Want to keep active? Try:


There are also some 'activity worksheets' that you can download. ~ free packs to download looking at all areas of the curriculum 

www.oxfordowl. ~ variety of stories to read

youtube ~ stories to listen to 



Here is a list of other activities that are available:


9.00 am - PE with Joe Wickes 



10.00 am - Maths with Carol Vorderman


11.00 am - English with David Walliams