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Tuesday 19th

Paper Bag Princess




“I think Miss Cackle gave you that cat on purpose,” Ethel sneered. “You’re both as bad as each other.”

“Oh, be quiet,” said Mildred, trying to keep her temper. “Anyway, it’s not a bad cat. It’ll learn in time.”

"Like you did?” Ethel went on. “Wasn’t it last week that you crashed into the dustbins?”

“Look, Ethel,” Mildred said, “you’d better be quiet, because if you don’t I shall…”


“I shall turn you into a frog and I don’t want to do that.”

Ethel gave a shriek of laughter.

“That’s really funny!” she crowed. “You don’t even know the beginners’ spells, let alone ones like that."

Mildred blushed and looked very miserable.

“Go on then!" cried Ethel. "Go on then, if you’re so clever. Turn me into a frog. I am waiting.”

It just so happened that Mildred did have an idea of that spell (she had been reading about it in the library). By now, everyone had crowded round, waiting to see what would happen, and Ethel was still jeering. It was unbearable.

Mildred muttered the spell under her breath - and Ethel vanished. In her place stood a small pink and grey pig.

Cries and shouts rent the air.

“Oh no!”

“That’s torn it!”

“You’ve done it now, Mildred!”

Mildred was horrified. “Oh, Ethel,” she said, "I’m sorry, but you did ask for it.”

The pig looked furious.

“You beast, Mildred Hubble!” it grunted, "Change me back!”


The story ends with a real cliff-hanger. As a reader, we really want to know what will happen next.

  • Will Mildred be able to reverse the spell?

  • Will a teacher come and discover what Mildred has done?

  • Will the 'pig’ run away?

Write down 4 predictions.

You might like to use some of these sentence starters to help you.

I think...

I wonder if...

I don’t think...