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Here are a selection of activities that you may like to complete at any time during the school closure period that fit in with our Term 4 topic Beast Creator. They are a mixture of craft, research, art, outdoor and cross - curricular learning ideas. Choose the activities that interest you. How many can you complete? HAVE FUN!

Week 1 - Week beginning 23rd April .

It looks like we are going to have some lovely, sunny weather this week. Why not wrap up and go outside either in your garden or to a local park? Make sure you take a grown up if you are going to the park.  Take a pencil or pen with you. Have a go at this scavenger hunt and see how many things you can find. You may need to carefully lift up logs and large stones to find mini - beasts but there will be some there. Make sure you wash your hands afterwards and replace any of the mini - beast's habitat that you have disturbed. You may want to take some photographs of what you find. 

Back at home, draw one of the mini - beasts you find ( use Google images to help ) and label up the correct parts of the insects anatomy using the words : head, abdomen, thorax, wings, eyes ,legs and antenna. Use the worksheet to help you.


How to Draw a Bug Insect Step by Step Drawing for Kids

This video how to draw a bug insect easy drawing for kids made by How2Draw Easily. Here you can learn to draw step by step drawing bed bug insect. 🌐 Follow U...

This is an extra challenge! Don't forget to pause the video so you can draw it slowly and carefully.

Week beginning 30th March.

Please continue to choose activities from the active homework grid if you are enjoying doing these. Our main learning this week will focus on Bees. Please feel free to email any of your topic work to me ( Mrs Short). Write it in the message box or send a photo of your work. Then I can put it onto our class page.