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Term 6 - Scream Machine

Welcome back to Term 6 - our final term of the school year.  I hope you have all had an enjoyable half term.  


We have lots of exciting things planned this term for our topic 'SCREAM MACHINE'.  Children will be exploring the science behind the amazing theme park rides; looking at forces, mechanisms, circuits, pulleys and cams; as well as designing and making their own fairground / theme park ride.   In ICT children will become 'Programming Pioneers', learning how electrical products work and getting to grips with computer programming. 


In Literacy children will be reading, creating and performing poetry, creating adverts, writing a narrative and developing signage.  In Maths the first 3 weeks will be revision of all aspects covered this year, where children will be applying their skills to solving a variety of reasoning problems.  In the final two weeks they will work on a Theme Park Maths Project; which again gives the children the opportunity to apply all of their skills and knowledge in a fun way.