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Term 6: Mighty Metals



We carried out an investigation to test the friction of different surfaces. We considered ways to make our investigation a fair test. Can you remember how we did this? What were your findings? 




We sculpted some angry farmers in our class today. All of their machinery and steel had either gone missing or had been chopped in half! What can we do about this terrible situation? We had a meeting in small groups to discuss what we could do. 

(Chapter 2 - Iron Man by Ted Hughes)








Jupiter Jules visited us this morning from Mad Science! We carried out lots of fun experiments about forces and magnets. We even got to take home our very own floating magnet!


In English we read the poem, 'The Coming of the Iron Man' by the poet, Brenda Williams. We analysed the poem and then sculpted each other to look like the Iron Man.

We then performed the poem in the style of a rolling theatre. 


We created abstract painting in the style of Kazimir Malevich. We used colours that represent metals. 



Our topic this term is called 'Mighty Metals' 
We will be reading the story of 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes and be introduced to Hogarth, the Iron Man's companion. In science we will explore forces, magnets and metals. Can you explain why magnets repel and attract?

We are very excited about this topic. Lets have a fantastic last term!