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Term 6: Bounce



We had a celebration award for Year 2. Below are pictures of us collecting our awards. We even had a red carpet! Lucky us! 


Well done everyone in Year 2 Cherry and Holly class! We are very proud of every single one of you. Good luck for Year 3. 


Eid Mubarak to all who celebrated. From Cherry Class! 



We went on a summer nature walk where we thought about what we could see, feel, hear and smell. We also made our own nature bracelets and did some tree and leaf rubbings. 



Today we went on to the field to play a game of cricket! We know the aim of the game and the protective gear cricketers wear. 

We divided the class in to 2 teams. Team 1 scored 22 runs and Team 2 scored 29! 

Well done everyone for taking part with lots of enthusiasm! 





Cherry Class are year 3 children today and tomorrow for transition day. We have been doing lots of fun activities!

We have been focusing on our team building skills and have made creative, strong bridges. Our bridges had to be strong enough to hold a pencil, 10 cubes and an apple!




Today in science we carried out an experiment of the best way of removing bacteria from our hands! 



We have been learning about money in numeracy and we enjoy playing this game in our class. Click on the link below to take you through to the website.



We have been learning about how the heart works and what happens when you exercise. To help us understand we performed the process in groups.




If you want to know what happens to your heart when you exercise, ask a Cherry class member! 





We had a fantastic morning taking part in Sports Day.

Well done everyone!





We have been measuring using standard units. We know the units of measurements for capacity and we can read scales accurately! 



In literacy we have read the story, 'The Princess and the Frog'. 

We were lucky to have a visit from the main characters of the story so we asked them lots of questions! 


We also sculpted a volunteer in to the Frog. This is where one person in the class is in role of a character and the other members of the class position them reflecting the character, thoughts and also feelings. 




In numeracy today we were making predictions of how much a container will hold. We were using sand to measure the capacity. 




Today we did some colourful marble painting and then we wrote instructions on what you need to do. If you would like to know how to make these art pieces please ask a year 2 Cherry or Holly!



More pictures coming soon. 



We carried out a science investigation where we tested a variety of balls to find out which ball is the bounciest. 



Can you make a prediction of which one you think is the bounciest? why? 




Ask a year 2 Cherry member to find out. We can also tell you how we made sure it was a fair test! 



Today we went on the field to record how far we can throw a ball. We had 3 attempts and then recorded our best length. 






.. even Mr Wood is excited about our new topic!


We went on our trip to Benham Sports Centre today and we had lots of fun! We did various ball activities including dodge-ball  and bench-ball. We had relay races which tested our team skills. We then went to the trampolining centre where we learned how lots of different movements. 


Pictures will be posted soon.

We first learned some important skills so we could play some ball games.
We then went to the trampoline centre!


Welcome to term 6! This term our topic is called 'Bounce'. We look forward to lots science investigations that will involve playing ball games and our trip on Tuesday!