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Term 5 - The Enchanted Woodland

Trip to Stanwick Lakes

Numeracy - Capacity

We were learning all about capacity in Numeracy.  We know that liquid is measured in litres and mililitres.  We found lots of measurements when we looked at lots of different bottles of liquid.  We used our new knowledge to make a magic potion to help our little fairy friend to rescue her sisters from the evil wizard!  We had to measure all the ingredients very carefully and put them all together in a big bowl for the fairy to collect. smiley

Numeracy - £ Money £

We were learning about money in our Numeracy lessons.  We can now name all the coins up to £2.  

We sorted lots of coins by value and even set up our own sweet shop in our classroom where we got

to use money to buy some sweets! frown

Science - Plant Hunt

We went on a plant hunt all around the school grounds.  We found lots of interesting trees and plants.

We collected twigs and leaves and brought them back to the classroom where we examined them with

magnifying classes. 

Science - Planting

We have been learning all about trees and plants this term.  We planted sunflower seeds in our classroom.

We learned that seeds need water and light to grow.  We also learned all about the different parts of a plant.

Plants have roots, stems, leaves, and flowers.  We hope our sunflowers grow really tall.