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Term 5: Allotments

The children watched a clip on how to create wire flowers, then they followed the instructions to make their own


Welcome back, we hope you’ve had a restful break and are looking forward to some warmer days!


We also welcome back Mrs Edwards, who will be working with the year five team for the remainder of the year.


This term the children will be looking at allotments:


In English the children will be listening to the secret garden, and then writing their own story set in a secret garden. In maths the children will be carrying out lots of measuring using area, perimeter and capacity.  They will also be looking at ready and plotting co-ordinates, and then using this knowledge to plot shapes.  Using what they have learnt about co-ordinates the children will then be rotating and translating shapes.


In both topic and Science this term, we will be looking at plants and what they need to germinate. The children will be growing cress, in order to investigate what seems need to germinate.


Our trip this term will be to Bugtopia in Oakham, where the children will get to see insects in their natural habitats.

Our class reader this term.

The children enjoyed finding out about different types of mini-beasts, their natural environment and how to handle them.


Some of the children held the different mini-beasts!

Children holding a snake

The children have been putting their measuring skills to the test! Using trundle wheels, the children measured sections of the playground, then used this information to find the area and calculate the cost to re-tarmac it.


Practical measuring skills

The children have been planting seeds, then writing instructions.

The children have been planting a variety of seeds ... look they are growing!