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Term 4

Thank you Year 6!



A Child’s War

The children will explore how World War II affected children. This will involve studying the evacuation process and imaging how the children would have felt while they were being evacuated. We will also explore the holocaust at an appropriate level for the children. We will also discover what the Kinder transport   was and how it affected children.

We will be studying the book letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carrol. The children will explore alongside Olive  Cliff and Esther the impact of world War!!

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The spelling lists on Spelling shed has been updated ! if you have forgotten your username and password please get into contact with me and I will send them out to you.

Please look at adventures in learning- that is were I will put in art, music, thinking skills, science and other interesting things for you to do! You do not have to complete the activities but they might help with the boredom!

All work can be completed on paper as well as through google docs as there appears to be issues login on at the moment. Please remember that the login you need is the one you used at school to log on the chromebooks. Your email address is your followed by the password you used to on the chromebooks.

If you are having problems submitting your assignments on google doc you can share it with me using the email

All children should be able to access Google classroom as they have all submitted work to me using this method in school. 


The contact forms should now work effectively!

How to access google classroom and submit an assignment on google docs

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If you need to contact me during this time to ask questions. You can do so on the form below. I will try to get back to you as quickly as possible. Thank you