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Term 4

Welcome back. Our topic this term is FLOW. 


As geographers we will:

- Name and locate the key parts of a river.

- Use technical language to describe the water cycle

- Compare and contrast human and physical features of a city/town by a river

- Use the eight points of a compass to describe the location of a country or geographical feature.

- Be able to navigate a map

- Look at maps and areas and identify features; including in the field

- Name and compare the major rivers in the world.

- Become an expert about a river in the world and be able to present our findings.

- Use the terms physical and human accurately and then describe the features

As designers we will:

- Design and construct a river with accurate features.

- Create a model river with a source.

As artists we will:

- Copy and create patterns of a river using a mix of watercolours


Nike - Dream Crazier

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