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Term 3 Gods and Mortals



In French today we learned some playground games! 



In Science we learned about an incredible scientist who was a Danish seismologist called Inge Lehmann. She discovered that the Earth has a solid inner core. 


Using modelling clay we created the different layers of the Earth.


To find out more ask a member of Year 3. 



Sedimentary rocks are made from bits of dirt, sand, rocks, shells and bones that settle into layers. The older layers are on the bottom because they settled first. Over time and pressure the sediments stick together and form the rocks we see.


We created a model to show how sedimentary rocks are formed. 



We enjoyed performing the myth, 'Daedalus and Icarus' as a 'Rolling Theatre' today! This will help us recall what happened in our writing tomorrow.


Have a read of the myth in our English books! 


Click on the link below to learn about myths the Ancient Greek told. 

We have learned about Pandora's box and Theseus and the Minotaur. Enjoy! 





Today we looked at Marie Curie in Science. Her work helped to develop x-rays. Here are some "x-rays" we made of our hands!



This morning we made a beaded bracelet to represent Pandora. 

Please feel free to join us every Thursday morning!

What did each bead represent on your bracelet? 

We went on a 'guided tour' in English so we could describe what it could be like in the Minotaur's labyrinth.

Greek foot soldiers were called hoplites after the large shields, called hoplons, that they carried. Hoplons were made from wood, covered with bronze or leather and decorates with symbols or characters from Greek mythology. 

In the afternoon, we made some shields. They are displayed in our classroom, so come and have a look! 



We read the myth about Pandora's box. We created a conscience alley to represent the dilemma that Pandora was in.


Can you remember what came out of the mysterious box? 


Welcome back! This term our topic is, Gods and Mortals!

We will be learning about Greek mythology. In science we are going to learn about important scientists and inventors.