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Term 3: Gods and Mortals



Poplar class carried out a science investigation to explore the best material for a school bag. We needed to make sure it reflected light well. 

Remember the 'Be safe, be seen' competition ends next week! 


We went on a bird watch this afternoon.
Ask a member of our class to find out what birds we identified! 



Year 3 went to the Royal & Derngate where we had an exclusive tour of the theatre and learned about the story of Persephone and Hades. In groups, we created freeze frames and performed the myth to the class. 


Pictures and videos coming soon! 


 Kung hei fat choi! 
It is the year of the Rooster! 


This afternoon we had a visit from Miss Richardson. She told us all about her time in Australia and we learned lots of interesting facts! We hope she comes to visit us again. 



Pandora was in a dilemma because she didn't know if she should open the mysterious box she received as a wedding present. We performed a conscience alley to explore her thoughts. 





Greeks would gift shields to Gods and Goddesses to answer the wishes or as thanks for something they had been given. We designed and made our own shields using Ancient Greek symbols and patterns. 


This afternoon we had an exciting visit from Cosmic Chris who introduced us to our Science topic this term! 

We learned all about how light travels and how we can see it. We experimented on how we can find our blind spot in our eyes. 

One of our favourite parts was when we used the defraction glasses to see light. We finished by drawing constellations in the sky including 'The Plough' and 'Casseopia'. 

Welcome back and Happy New Year! We hope you had a lovely break. 

We are excited about this term where we will be exploring various myths and legends.