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Term 3: Gods and Mortals



To celebrate the Chinese new year, we made dragon masks! 



In science we investigated which rocks are the strongest by carrying out a scratch test.

We considered how to make the test fair, predictions and concluding our results. 



In English we have been reading the myth of Daedalus and Icarus. During parent morning session we made Icarus' wings. 




Year 3 are enjoying learning about different myths and legends.

Click on the link to read or watch myths and legends!



We made Ancient Greek shields today! 

Click on the link below to read and watch myths and legend. 



Below is a link to some money games



In maths today we measured capacity. First we estimated, then measured and finally recorded our results. 


Can you remember how many millimetres in a litre? 



Today we learned what Greek myths are. We explored the dilemma of Pandora in English. We thought about all of the different reasons why she should and shouldn't open the mysterious box. We then performed a conscience alley and Pandora was finally persuaded to open the box!



This afternoon we were rock detectives. We walked around the school to find different types of rocks and their uses. 



Welcome back.

We hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year! 


This term our topic is Gods and Mortals.

We will be learning lots of new Greek myths and legends.