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Term 3


Topic/Science: This term our topic is Darwin's Delights.


The children will be finding out about Charles Darwin and his ground-breaking Theory of Evolution. Linked closely to this is our science work on adaptation, looking at how plants and animals evolve to survive in their specific habitat.


Photographic portrait of Charles Darwin and artistic depiction of the theory of evolution.

English: Biography of Charles Darwin, poetry, alternative endings and non-chronological reports.


The children will begin the term by researching Charles Darwin and writing a biography about him and his scientific discoveries. We will then do a range of writing including a poem and an alternative ending to the 'Wing' story, followed by a non-chronological report.

Performing a scene based on 'Wing'

Maths: Place value, multiplying fractions, co-ordinates, and translating shapes.


The children will start the term by revising and building on their place value knowledge, continuing the development of their understanding of fractions with a focus on multiplying, reading and plotting co-ordinates, and translating shapes on a grid.



Practising times tables