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Term 1

Carole came to do some Art with us today. We have looked at Claude Monét in our topic this term and today we tried to do some printing based on his famous 'water lilies' painting. We printed using rulers and inks on our own drawn stencils to make the patterns. 19/10/15

8/10/15 We had fun this morning with our Mums seeing how many polygons we could make out of matchsticks.


We had fun in Science today observing different food items when they were heated. We predicted what would happen to each item and then observed closely how they changed when heated. The marshmallows surprised us! We found that some items, like cheese, turned runny when heated but then went back to being firm when cooled.

02/10/15 Today in Year 2 we had a visitor who told us all about how Jewish people celebrate Shabbat.

We had great fun today mixing different soap products with water to see which product made the biggest, foamiest and longest lasting bubbles!
'Radioactive Richard' from a company called 'Mad Science' visited us yesterday. We had great fun mixing different materials and made some disgusting goo! Have a look at our pictures.



We designed and made our own food scape pictures in the style of  the artist Carl Warner.




Today we had a surprise visit from Georges Grandma!!!! We asked her lots of open ended questions.






What a fun morning we have had with our introduction to our topic!!! WOW!!!






Welcome back to all the children starting in Holly class.

We have got an exciting topic this term entitled Muck, Mess and Mixtures.