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Term 1: Scrumdiddlyumptious


Year 3 went on a school trip to Cadbury World. We had a fantastic time! My favourite parts were the 4D cinema and tasting the scrumdiddlyumptious, melted chocolate! 
If you want to find out more about the trip, just ask a Year 3 Poplar or Beech member. 





Today in parent morning, we designed our own chocolate and sweet wrappers. 

We had to think about:





We had a surprise visit from Mrs Wright! We were very excited to see her as we have missed her very much. We hope she is having a fabulous time at her new school.




In English we were thinking about Charlie Bucket's character. We came up with adjectives to describe his appearance and personality. After, we sorted our adjectives on to traffic light sheets. Adjectives that were placed on red, we decided that they could be improved. Words and phrases that were placed on green were exciting!






We had a visit from Charlie Bucket. We hot seated him where we asked him lots of questions to find out more about his intriguing character. 





We did some observational drawings of fruit. We used sketching techniques and focused on dark and light areas of shading. 


Today in parent morning we linked art and design technology to our English topic of familiar settings. We created 2D/3D models of settings that are familiar to us through personal experiences or through stories we have read.





We carried out a science investigation to see observe where ice cubes melted the quickest. We had to ensure this was a fair test by considering lots of factors and by keeping variables the same. 



This morning we learned a new song 'Snail, snail' which we performed outside.


A big thank you to Carole for joining us in our music session!






Eid Mubarak to all who are celebrating tomorrow!


From Poplar Class.




In computing we are looking at programming where we are looking at algorithms. Today, we created a sprite and background using our story boards that we created.



We have been extremely busy making healthy, scrumptious smoothies!


If you want to know how to make one of these delicious drinks just ask a year 3. 



Today, we gave instructions to Grandma Skelton on how to make a jam sandwich. We know the importance of giving detailed instructions otherwise we wouldn't have a perfect sandwich! A good set of instructions will include time connectives, adverbs and even health and safety information!




During our parent morning we designed a healthy lunch together. 





Our first topic this term is Scrumdiddlyumptious! (Scrum-diddly-ump-tious)

We are going to be exploring lots of food from around the world, the importance of eating a balanced diet, read stories about food and much more! 


To introduce our new topic we took part in a food tasting! We tried foods we had never eaten and then learned about where they originated from. 




Welcome to Year 3 Poplar class!