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Term 1: Muck, mess and mixtures

Our topic this half term is 'Muck, Mess and Mixture​​s'. Keep checking the website for photos of the class getting messy and mucky!


We had a visitor from 'Mad Science' called Jupiter Jack! We mixed ingredients together to make slime! He was great fun!


Today we carried out a test to see which soap products made the best bubbles. We used potato mashers, whisks and sponges to make the best bubbles we could! We found that bubble bath and washing up liquid were the best. However, the children soon realised the test we did was not scientifically fair as we did not measure the water, the soap products or the amount we mixed it! The children are really beginning to understand what it means for a test to be fair. 



7th October 2016


This week in art we learnt all about bubbles. We mixed paint, water and washing up liquid together and then blew into it with a straw. This then created paint bubbles and the children placed a piece of paper over it to create pieces of art. It was good fun and very messy work for a Friday afternoon.


Friday 14th October


Today in Maths we looked at 3D shapes and discussed the faces, vertices and edges that each shape has. We had to use the correct terminology when guessing which 3D shape our partner had. We then had to build our own 3D shapes using straws. We had to make all the shapes of the faces first and then discuss how to ensure we have the correct number of edges and vertices. We had lots of fun!