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Term 1: Land Ahoy!

This half term we will be learning all about pirates, particularly one pirate named Blackbeard! We will be writing a setting description of a pirate ship and a character description of Blackbeard. We will also be doing lots of drama; imagining that we are working on Blackbeard's ship and writing home to our families!


Keep an eye on this page to keep you updated!

Week 1

We have been learning all about place value this week. We have learned that the value of a digit changes depending on what place it is in. Look at some pictures of our arrow card lesson...

Week 2

Following on from our learning about place value last week, this week we used base 10 apparatus  to represent the value of digits in numbers....

Week 3

This week we have investigated floating and sinking. We have evaluated different materials and decided if they would be suitable to use to make a boat.

We had a mystery character visit our class this week! They left their bag in our room filled with interesting objects. We made inferences about the character based on what they were carrying in their bad. Our character turned out to be the infamous pirate Blackbeard!! We will be learning more about him next week and writing a character description on him. 


Week 4

The children really enjoyed adding 2 2 digit numbers this week using base 10. They then went on to adding by drawing their own sticks and dots-they loved it! Some children added 3 2 digit numbers and even moved onto hundreds numbers.

Week 5

In Maths this week the children have explored 2D and 3D shapes. They have played the barrier game in partners; one child has to describe their hidden shape using key vocabulary and their partner has to guess what it is!

Week 6

Carrying on from their learning last week, the children have sorted 2D and 3D shapes this week using Venn diagrams.