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Term 1






Today, during our Parent Morning, we made ice-cream cones!


Step 1: Decorate an A4 piece of paper
Step 2: Role in the shape of a cone and glue
Step 3: Stuff the cone with cotton wool
Step 4: Decorate the cotton wool and create a flake



This afternoon, we made some healthy smoothies! 
If you would like any of our recipes, please ask a member of Year 3. 



We celebrated Roald Dahl day today by designing a new chocolate bar wrapper for Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory! 



Today, we took our partners on a guided tour of the chocolate room as part of our English lesson. We thought about the different noun phrases that you could use 




Today, we had Northampton's first response service come in for Restart a Heart day to teach us basic CPR 

In Maths this week we are working on addition including different ways of showing our calculations

As part of our PSHE we have been looking at roles and responsibilities with the challenge of teaching our own lesson! We started by looking at different learning styles, lesson planning and then we had a go at teaching for ourselves!