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Summer 1- Enchanted Woodland

Welcome back to the summer term! 

Our topic this term is called 'Enchanted Woodland.' We will be writing letters to fairies and elves, make a fairy and elf garden and also have an exciting visit from Bugtopia.

Image result for enchanted woodland with fairies

Take a look at the lovely projects the children created over the Easter holidays! 


The children had lots of fun in the forest school making dens for woodland creatures.

In English we used a theasaurus to find different words that mean the same thing so that we could use more interesting words in our writing. The children worked in pairs on the iPads and used a website called Menti to put all our ideas together to help us make our writing more exciting.

We had a visit from Bugtopia and they brought some insects with them. The children learnt lots of interesting new facts and they got to hold them too. They had lots of fun!

Can you guess what the insects are?

Take a look at the children’s fairy garden they made!



In English the children have been writing their own instructions about how to make a fairy garden. They then had a go at following instructions about how to make a jam sandwich. They had lots of fun and of course they loved eating the sandwich after!



The children had lots of fun making their own woodland crowns. They went on a hunt around the school field and forest school to pick up things they found on the ground and they then stuck them on some card to make a crown.