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Spring 2-Splendid Skies

Welcome back to our new term, we all hope you had a lovely, relaxing week and are ready to return to school refreshed for the term ahead.


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Our new topic is called Splendid Skies. In this topic we will be focusing on looking at the different types of weather we have including how we dress for the seasons and how the seasons change. We will be looking at the weather in different countries and comparing them to England as well as looking at how shadows change over the duration of a day. In English we will be looking at the story of Bog Baby and using this to write setting descriptions as well as using some different drama conventions.





The children have done a great job on their half term homework projects and have enjoyed sharing them with the rest of the class.

World Book Day

Well done to Abdirahim who won our best outfit prize.

A huge well done for winning the attendance cup last week.

Today we looked at a new art technique called pointillism, we then used this technique to create our own weather paintings.

As part of British Science Week we have been looking at aeroplane journeys and how far our paper aeroplanes could travel and how long they were in the air for.

In PSHE this week we have been looking at the importance of good dental hygiene. We used a mirror to identify our incisors, canines, pre molars and molars.

We carried out a science experiment to observe how our shadows change throughout the day. We found out that as the sun gets higher through the day then our shadow gets shorter and moves as the sun moves.

We had a lovely afternoon learning how to use scooters safely before trying out some tricks.

Well done for 100% attendance last week.

We have been doing a maths carousel recapping all the learning we have been doing this term.

We had a lovely morning re enforcing things we have learnt this term in our topic and science lessons about the weather and the seasons.

Our Easter bonnet pictures.