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Spring 2- Splendid Skies

This term our topic is all about weather. We will be looking at all the different types of weather including extreme weather. 


The children were given the task to make something over the holidays linking to our new topic. We had some lovely things come in from the children so please take a look! 

As part of PSHE we  have been discussing the importance of working and eating together! We acted out some of the different parts from the story The Enormous Turnip as in this story lots of people help each other to pull the turnip out and they all eat the turnip soup together. 

World Book Day!


As part of World Book Day the children took part in a quiz and this was our winning team! 


They were also read a story but they were not shown the books front cover or title. They then had to think of their own title and create a front cover for the book. Dumitrita, Murray and Yahya M were our winners!


In our topic lesson we learnt about a technique that some artists use called pointillism. The children used a cotton bud to make lots of dots to create a picture. The picture they made was a weather symbol that we would see on the weather forecast. 



The children were very excited as they had received some letters back from some children in Spain! Since the end of last year we have been in contact with a school in Spain and the children have loved replying to them to find out more about them! 

The children were very happy because we won ‘most active class of the week’ award AGAIN! Keep it up Hazel Class!


The children were rewarded their certificates today to show whether they are a Digital Leader or a Digital Warrior in internet safety. The children had to complete a range of activities at home in order to become one of these.



We carried out a science experiment to see what happens to our shadow throughout the day. We went out at different times to draw round a shadow and to identify what had happened. We found out that our shadow moved because the sun was moving but also as the sun got higher it made our shadow shorter.

This week the children were lucky enough to have a scootability lesson! They learnt how to wear protective gear, how to cross the road safely with a scooter and some fun, cool tricks. They all loved it and had lots of fun!


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