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Spring 2- Splendid Skies

Our topic this term is called 'Splendid Skies.'

The children will be learning all about the weather.


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We had an exciting visitor to start off our new topic.


Atomic Tom!


He showed us and explained how clouds are made, using smoke and air. We also got a chance to make our own tornado in a bottle and the children took part in a game to see which group could each make a tornado the quickest. Lastly the children had a go with the Farraday  ball.



As part of the children's homework during the half term, they were asked to create something to do with weather. Here are some of the children's creations.

World Book Day! 

Hazel class were extremely happy today as they won the attendance trophy!


As part of our science/topic lesson we have been looking at shadows. We carried out an investigation to see how a child's shadow would change throughout the day. We went outside on the playground and drew around someone's shadows at three different times. The children predicted right and their shadow did move.


To finish off the term, on Monday, the children have enjoyed a carousel morning exploring all their maths learning from the term! They have learnt lots this term so they had a chance to show off everything we have done including multiplication, addition and subtraction, telling the time at o'clock and half past,  2D and 3D shapes, number bonds and all these have been using numbers up to and beyond 100! 

Aswell as our maths carousel morning we have also had a topic carousel morning on Tuesday. As our topic has been all about weather, the children have been enjoying completing activities all to do with this. They have been completing most of these activities independently and have worked very hard. They have had the chance to make a windmill, design their own welly boots, create a scene for one of the season, complete some weather jigsaws, a weather cross word and a weather quiz.

Our final day of carousel activities was all to do with literacy and phonics. The children had a range of activities to complete independently. They had to read a range of words and organise them by whether they are real or alien, they had lots of tricky words which they needed to put into a sentence and right it. They also needed to read words with both phase 3 and 5 sounds and match them with the correct picture and then complete a sheet about conjunctions.

We had some lovely Easter bonnets entries from the children and they loved showing them off in the Easter assembly!