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Spring 1

  Our Topic this terms is

Moon Zoom 

Merit Winners

Space Workshop

On Wednesday 20th January we had a visit from Captain Darling.  He took us on a trip around the Solar System and taught us lots about our planets.  We made paper rockets in the afternoon and got to fly them in our outdoor area.  At the end of the day Captain Darling gave us each a certificate to show that we are astronauts in training.  We had so much fun. smiley


We have been learning how to read the time.  We know that when the big hand is at 12 then the time is o'clock.

We are so clever that we can also read the time to the half hour. smiley


We are learning all about money in Maths.  We know all the coins up to 10p.  We can add coins and read prices.

We had great fun playing shop buying and selling cookies and fruit.