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Spring 1- Moon Zoom

This term our topic is Moon Zoom. 


The children will be learning about Space in their topic lessons and their science will be based on Materials.

The children have been working very hard in maths and they having been learning how to multiply and divide.


As part of our topic the children have been learning to all about the solar system. We have been looking at the eight different planets and learning lots of different facts about them. The children can also name them all and even say them in order!!

In our English lessons we have been learning a simple poem using actions. He children came up with the actions as a class to help them learn it.


Climb up on my spaceship,

we are going to the moon.


Hurry up and get ready,

we need to blast off soon.


Put on your helmet,

and hold on tight.

Here comes the countdown,

off we go into the night.




Still image for this video


Still image for this video

During our English this week we have been looking at the book Beegu.


We have been doing lots of drama around this book to help with the children's writing. 


Freeze frames- The children had to freeze into an image from the book to show how Beegu was feeling. 



Sculpting- A child was stood in the middle of the class  and one at a time they had to move or tell the child to move a part of their body to make themselves look like Beegu.


Thought tapping- every child in the class was Beegu. They had to think of something that Beegu would be thinking. The adult went around the class whilst the children were frozen in their images of Beegu and when they were tapped on the head they had to say out aloud what they thought Beegu was thinking. Here are some examples.


"I am alone because I don't have any friends."

"I've lost my home."

"I am feeling nervous because all my family are lost." 

"I am sad people are not kind to me."



Hot seating- One child had to be in the role of Beegu and they were sat on a chair at the front of the classroom. The children sat on the carpet had to think of questions they would like to ask Beegu and the child at the front had to answer as if they were the character. 


The children had lots of fun creating their own rockets using junk modelling. They had to look at their plans they had designed before making them and then choose the correct materials they needed.