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Spring 1 - Beat, Band, Boogie

Welcome back!

We hope you have had a lovely two weeks off school, and are looking forward to coming back and learning about all of the super things we have planned for you!

This half term our topic is 'Beat, Band, Boogie'. We will be learning all about different instruments, reading music, writing music and finding out about different types of bands.

Keep an eye on this page to follow all of the fun things we get up to!

Week 1


To start off our topic we have been looking at a poem called 'The Band' by Clarence Michael James Dennis. When we read the poem we noticed that as you read, it sounds like the marching of a band as you can hear the beat. We also noticed that the poem had rhyming words, repetition and lots of sounds!

Here is a video of us performing the poem to Holly Class.

The Band

Our Science topic this half term is 'Animals including humans'. During this topic we will be learning about how to lead a healthy lifestyle including healthy eating, exercise and learning about some of our organs!

This week we had 2 exciting visitors in school to introduce us to our new topic - Atomic Tom and Cosmic Chris.

Below are some photos of us doing some exciting activities with Cosmic Chris including learning about different organs in our bodies, listening to each other's hear beats, how to increase our heart rate and what senses we rely on to taste!


Week 2


It's snowing!!

We were very excited this week that it started to snow! Here are some photo's of us having fun in the snow and throwing snowballs at Miss Rowley and Mrs Lack.

Week 3


This week we have been looking at the story of 'The Steadfast Tin Soldier' by Hans Christian Andersen. We started by retelling the story using actions - we were super! Here are some pictures of us retelling the story. 

After we retold the story of The Steadfast Tin Soldier using actions and story maps, we started to think about adjectives we could use to describe different characters and settings in the story. Some of us used thesauruses to come up with more exciting adjectives. Some of the adjectives we came up with included menacing, pungent and eerie. Here are some photos of us using the thesauruses and working hard to come up with super adjectives!