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Curriculum Vision


At Earl Spencer Primary School we strive to have a curriculum that is reflective of our wonderfully diverse community. Our curriculum is designed to be engaging, fun and practical in order to broaden our children’s life experiences. Through our Science lessons, we endeavour to instil a sense of pride, self-confidence and enjoyment whilst developing their Scientific knowledge and skills and the child as a whole. We aim to nurture their sense of wonder and promote aspirational role models.



The aims of our Science curriculum are to: encourage children to be curious with their learning; to ask questions about what they see and observe in order to create deeper understanding of scientific ideas; and to expose children to a range of scientific vocabulary, along with exposing children to a variety of 'hands on' scientific experiences. 



Science lessons are taught weekly. Our curriculum covers key concepts and skills to support pupils’ understanding of scientific concepts.  



Our children will:

  • develop a wide range of scientific vocabulary.
  • be able to ask questions about the world around them.
  • develop an inquisitive mindset and appetite for learning.
  • improve their knowledge of key scientific concepts.
  • have knowledge of the wider world.


Children demonstrate their attainment in Science in a variety of ways. We assess the children’s work and input in lessons by making informal judgements as we observe and listen to them during lessons. On annual reports for parents,  Science is assessed based on the extent to which they have met the age related expectations from the National Curriculum. The impact of Science lessons will be monitored by the Science Coordinator. This involves discussions with staff about the effectiveness of their planning, their teaching styles and strategies and continuous professional development opportunities.