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Reception - Miss Martin - Elm

29.6.16 - Today we had sports day! We had lots of fun joining in with the egg and spoon race, bean bag race, sack race and finally the running race!! It was lovely to see so many parents cheering us on!

21.6.16 - Today we experienced going to the airport and going on a plane. The children enjoyed waiting in line to have their 'passports' they had made, checked!

21.6.16 - Some of Elm class wanted to look through their work for the year. They enjoyed revisiting their learning!!

15.6.16 - We have been working hard to learn our number bonds to 10!! The numicon helped us to find the correct amounts to add together!

27/5/16 - Congratulations to these children for completing all their homework this term!

27/5/16 - Congratulations to these children for having 100% attendance this term! They recieved a certificate and got to choose a prize!

Bugtopia Visit! We met lots of minibeasts this day!


During RE lessons, we were exploring the topic "What happens at a wedding". This week we were acting a Christian Wedding. After the ceremony children enjoyed the party!







20/4 - we encourage independence by children making their own snack! Here the children are making a very hungry caterpillar!!

24/3/16 - Congratulations to these children who completed all homework over the term! Enjoy your prizes!

24/3/16 Well done to all the children who had 100% attendance this term! We hope all of Elm class have a lovely break and we will see you next term!

22/3/16 - Forest School! We have been exploring our new forest school with pine class. We had lots of fun exploring the length of sticks and using them to build a log pile house for a sssssssssssnake!!

4/3/16 - YAY!!!!!.... We won the attendance cup with 98.8% attendance this week! We really enjoyed our lollies!

10/2/16 - Jack came to visit! We learnt all about his adventure to find the golden hen in the Giants castle!

1/2/16 - Andra is our superhero writer for the week! She wrote a fabulous letter to the three bears from Goldilocks! Super!

22/1/16 - We have been finding out what would have happened to the gingerbread man if he tried to swim across the river!!!!!...... He fell apart!!!!

13/1/16 It's now the spring term and we are basing our learning around the theme 'Traditional Tales' - We have been busy making gingerbread men today! Do you think they ran away??

14/12/15 We are enjoying lots of Christmas activities that help our writing, fine motor, number, building and story telling skills.

Craft day with our resident artist Carol!

6/11/15 This weeks merit winner!!


14/10/15 - thank you to all the parents who came to our parents morning. We hope the phonics lesson was useful! The children enjoyed sharing their learning with parents!!

13/10/15 Owl Babies talk for writing! Ask me to tell you the story at home!

9/10/15 It's time for Disco Dough! This helps our fingers become ready for writing and handling tools!

2/10/15 These children have completed all challenges this week! They went home with a certificate and a prize.....well done you!

2/10/15 - We won the attendance cup this week! We got ice lollies!

We made pizza! Yummy!