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Subject Vision

At Earl Spencer Primary School we strive to have a curriculum that is reflective of our wonderfully diverse community. Music is a universal language that is wholly inclusive and allows pupils to express their individual feelings and point of view. Our curriculum is designed to be engaging, fun and practical in order to broaden our children’s life experiences. Through our music lessons we endeavour to instil a sense of pride, self-confidence and enjoyment whilst developing their musical talent and the child as a whole.




We aim to enable our children to:

- Develop the ability and sound quality of their singing

- Develop skills in performance, improvisation and composition

- Develop a love of music making

- Develop their ability to use musical terminology

- Develop an appreciation for high quality musical performances

- Learn about a range of composers and musicians throughout history

- Discuss their thoughts, feelings and emotions towards a piece of music



At Earl Spencer Primary School, music is taught following Charanga Musical School scheme, which has been adapted to suit our needs. Charanga’s chief aim is to help children find their inner musician. It focuses on playing and creating music. This scheme supports staff in teaching music with confidence and skill. Through the carefully structured approach, children throughout the school have access to high-quality music education. Key music skills are developed from the start of our children’s education and grow with them through the key stages. Class teachers across all year groups plan and deliver weekly music lessons following the progression of skills outlined in the ESP Charanga scheme. Teachers adapt weekly lesson plans to suit the needs and abilities of children in their class.



Our children will:

- develop a love of music making

- improve their musical ability

- grow in confidence and self-esteem

- progress their musical skills



Charanga unit overview