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We had a great time at Mini Meadows Farm!


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We love reading and listening to the stories. Today our governor Craig came to see us and he shared his favourite book!


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We had a special visitor in class today. The dental nurse was telling us how to look after our teeth.


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It's winter and finally we get some snow!!!


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This term we will be exploring the Earth and beyond! Look at our fantastic "space" project completed by the children over the holiday.


20/12/2016 1
What a fantastic end of term we have had. A visit from Santa, party and Panto!!!

Our first Christmas performance!!!

Our first Christmas performance!!! 1
Well done to our "I was caught reading" winner!!!
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At school we are using Talk for Writing to retell stories. Today, we were writing a story map for a story that we invented!!!


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We had a very special visitor today. Our PCSO was talking to us about how to stay safe.


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Today, we were baking cookies for the three little pigs.


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At school we are learning about different religions. Today we have learnt about a special Hindu Festival- Divali. During a workshop, we have practiced different mudras from an Indian dance and later on we were decorating our own Diva lamps.




I was caught reading!!!

I was caught reading!!! 1

Well Done to our Homework Superheroes!!!

Remember to  bring your completed homework on Friday!

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Today, we had a special visitor! A little baby came to our class, so we were able to compare ourselves and look at how much we

have grown.



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We had fantastic time exploring our outdoor environment. We were practicing our writing skills, capacity, making mud pies and mud cakes and much more..



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Our first Forest school session!!!

Lots of exploring...

Can you see who is hiding in the bushes?




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We were using our senses to explore different fruits. We found that fruits have different shape, size, smell, texture and taste.

After fruit tasting session we made a bar chart to show which fruit we liked best.

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Today, we went for a walk around the school to look for different signs. We have discovered that there is a lot of writing around us!!!

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We are looking forward to see you all in class!!!

We are looking forward to see you all in class!!! 1