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smileyWelcome to Year1 Chestnut Class!smiley



Summer Term 1 

Our topic this term in Enchanted Woodland. We will be learning all about animals, trees, plants and will explore our ideas and imagination 

We have been looking at black and white photos and discussing what we think about the fairies 

A fairy came to visit us in our new enchanted classroom!

We had fun exploring multiplication and division

We made some wonderful creates about woodlands!

We had to go on a fairy hunt following clues from pixie!

We created a map to show our hunt

We have enjoyed lots of stories from Pete this term!

Congratulations to this terms merit winners!

We have had a fantastic morning exploring different maths learning that we have covered this term. We moved around activities, answered challenging questions and thought of our own challenges!

Spring Term 2 - Our topic for this term is Splendid Skies!

The children worked hard at home to create Easter bonnets! Well done to all and the children performed brilliantly in our Easter assembly.  Well done to our Easter bonnet winner, proudly holding his creme egg prize!! 
We have had a lovely carousel morning exploring all of our maths learning from this term! We have explored multiplication, counting in 2's, 5's and 10's, addition and subtraction, 2D and 3D shape properties and number bonds all using numbers within and beyond 100! We have seen some excellent learning and children challenging themselves! 

We won the attendance cup this week! Well done us!!

We have been investigating shadows and how they change throughout the day! We found at that shadows move as the sun moves in the sky. We really enjoyed our investigationfrown

We had an amazing visit from Atomic Tom! We enjoyed learning about different types of weather and how weather is formed! 
We have been busy preparing for our topic over half term. We made lots of creations all about the weather! 

Spring Term 1 - Moon Zoom! 


Welcome back! This term our topic is MOON ZOOM! We will be learning all about space! 

What is the solar system? 

What planet do we live on? 

What other planets are there in the solar system?

Who is Neil Armstrong? 


These me are just some of the questions we will be answering through our learning! We are really excited to get exploring

We had a lovely parents morning this week where parents/relatives could share a book with their child! 
Today we have been using D4W to explore the character of Beegu. We used thought tapping, role on the wall, freeze frames and sculpting to recreate Beegu
We have also been very busy understanding weight. We have been measuring in grams! We have been counting in 2's, 5's and 10's to help us work out the answer. 


The children in Chestnut class have been busy exploring using the inverse method to solve missing number addition problems! 


We have been busy exploring multiplication and division! We can share and group amounts! 



We have been very busy exploring rhyme! We have matched words that rhyme, wrote rhyming words in sentences and completing sentences to make them rhyme! We are going to be learning a space poem! Ask me to retell it to you. 🌓🌏🌞🌛⭐️💫☄

Our Topic this term is all about Dinosaurs! We will be exploring an egg we have found in the playground to kick start our topic. We will make predictions before moving on to using talk for writing to help us write a fact file about dinosaurs. We will also be thinking about classifying animals and how they are similar and different. We will be exploring the prehistoric world and what happened many years ago! In maths we will be looking at addition, subtraction and our number bonds to 10! 
We have been learning all about fossils. We made our own creations! 


Strange egg found! What could it be?

Today we have been learning about our sense of hearing. We listened around school with our listening ears and wrote down what we could hear! 


We are busy exploring 'greater than', 'less than' and 'equal to' this week. 

We have to remember the crocodile eats the biggest number!

This week we have been busy exploring our taste sense. How do the different fruits taste? We all had our favourites and could describe how they tasted. We have also explored healthy and unhealthy food and why it is important to have a balanced diet! 



The children have been busy giving speeches about why they should be a school council rep for our class. The children voted for their winners. Well done to our winners! 



The class have been busy creating their own superhero masks along with describing and discussing their superhero character! 



Our topic this term is all about superheroes. We will be discussing how both fiction and real life heroes can save the day!

We have been using talk for writing to find out how Supertato saves the day! What would the other veggies do without him?