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Welcome to Year 6!smiley





Hello Year 6 Rowan!


Please could you use the contact form below to contact me weekly. I would just like to see how well you all are and how you are getting on. 

Please ensure that you are using the correct email address so I can reply to you. Thank you.


I am looking forward to seeing you next week in school! Please remember if you are not in school next week you still need to complete the remote learning work. Thank you.


Take Care

Miss Everington

Sending work

Work that is on the School Closure Work webpages is not usually editable, and you do not need to log in to access it. You need to either print out worksheets and fill them in, or write your answers on paper or in a notebook and keep them safe until we return to school. Some children have found the best way to send their completed work is by photographing it and attaching it to the email (


If you have any queries or problems, you can email me on my Gmail address or directly through the contact form below.

You can also leave a message on the School phone which will be passed on to me.

Summer Reading Challenge 2020: Silly Squad 


The Summer Reading Challenge takes place over the summer holidays throughout the UK. Run by national charity The Reading Agency, and delivered with the support of the UK public library network, it is the UK’s biggest free reading promotion for prima-ry-aged children. The programme reaches over 700,000 children each year, motivating them to keep reading during the summer holidays and helping to maintain reading skills and confidence. This summer we’re going to get silly! 


The Summer Reading Challenge 2020 will feed the imaginations of the UK and create a greater sense of togetherness through the joy of reading. For 2020 we are delighted to present the ‘ Silly Squad’ – a hilarious cast of characters ready to bring the UK a seriously silly summer. 


This year The Reading Agency have decided that due to the circumstances around COVID 19 and with libraries across the country currently closed, that the challenge will be delivered completely online. As such the start date has also been brought forward by 6 weeks, and so Silly Squad Summer Reading Challenge 2020 launches tomorrow Friday 5th June. Children can sign up on the web-site any time from Friday and all through the summer. 


Another big difference this year is that children can set their own number of books to read for the challenge. Usually it is 6 books over the summer but we hope that by setting their own challenge, reluctant readers will be more inclined to join in, and those who read avidly can set themselves a challenge of more books.

Year 6 Meeting!


We will be having a meeting on Wednesday 15th July at 1:15 pm !

To be able to access the meeting you will need to log on to google classroom then access Gmail and you will see an email a from me asking to join the meeting on Wednesday.

Open the email and press yes and you will be able to join the meeting on Wednesday and I will know to expect you.  If you do not see the email please contact me, and I will see what I can do!

Then on Thursday, you will need to access google meet and you will be asked to join Year 6 Rowan Meeting 3.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday!



Contact Miss Everington

Hello! If you would like to contact me . Please use the form below and I will respond as soon as I can. Thank you. Please ensure that you have used the correct email address, otherwise I cannot respond! Thank you


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