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Merit winners

Pharell always shows 100% effort in everything he does! More recently Pharell has shown that he can work independently, keep it up! 

Cody recieved the first merit of the new term. He has started the last term with a pocitive attitude and he is showing more enthusiasm towards his work. Keep it up! 

Adrian has got his second merit of the year and it is for his brilliant assessment piece of writing. He used some lovely vocabulary, his spelling was excellent and he checked through his work to check it made sense. He even got a head teacher sticker from Miss Brear! 

Sid has been beginning to use more interesting vocabulary in his writing to make his writing more exciting for people to read. 

Arisha got the merit this week for being able to show more independently with her writing.

Isabella tries her best in everything she does and has been showing more pride with her handwriting!

Aiden's contribution within the class discussions has increased and he is showing improved effort with his work! 

Imraan is beginning to show that is able to work independently and has had some excellent spelling in his writing!

Marian has shown great independence when writing her own story.

Abdullahi shows great enthusiasm towards all his learning and he is a very happy child within our class with a great smile! 

Kaylem has made excellent improvement with both his phonics and reading! Keep up the good work! 

During our English lessons we have been talking about the book Beegu and Katrina has contributed excellently without our class discussions.

Lexi worked really well in maths this week when finding the missing number! 

Lorelai got the merit for working really well independently when writing a poem and ensuring she had neat handwriting.












Our first merit of spring term 1 went to Abdigane for his enthusiasm within all lesson and for taking part in all class discussions.


Julian was our last merit winner of the term and this is for being a lovely member of Hazel class and always following the school values! He is a great role model.

Matvey has been working really hard with his phonics and we have been able to see great improvement with his reading.

David received a merit for his excellent improvement with his phonics!

Anastasia got the merit for independently writing a fact file all about Dinosaurs and remember all the key features for a sentence.

Yameen has shown that he can be independent and has shown more responsibility when completing his jobs! 

Zahraa received the merit for confidently being able to retell a fact file all about lizards.

Our first merit of the new term went to Adam for having a positive attitude to his work and beginning to work more independently.




Autumn 2

Our last merit of the term was given to Pharell for being a great friend and a good role model to everyone in the class!

Our 6th merit of the term has gone to Iqra, for completing all her jobs in her challenge book and even asking for extra challenges! 

Obi recieved our merit for trying hard in his writing and always making sure his handwriting is neat.

Felicity got the merit for being enthusiastic in everything she does! 

Adrian worked well independently when writing his own story map. 

Sid recieved our second merit of the year, for being a great role model to others and always listening when sat on the carpet.   












Autumn 1


Mia received the first merit in Hazel Class. She got the merit for completing her maths work with confidence!