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Hazel's Class Amazing Work!

Rhys sent me his letter that he wrotte to the Queen and it is lovely to see how busy he has been at home. 

He did a fantastic job of including a question mark in his writing! 


Ayaan has been super busy and wanted to send me lots of his work to look at. 

Well done Ayaan :)


Ruby has been busy making a rainbow on her window to show her and her families thanks to the NHS! 

Here are some pictures of Harley's work that he has been doing at home. Well done!

I love seeing pictures of what everyone has been doing at home :)

Taylor has sent me lots of pictures of his work from the past few weeks. He has written a fantastic letter to the Queen and he has even been learning his times tables.

Taylor has sent me more pictures of his work! He has loved working with money and making different amounts. 

Well done Summer! It looks like you have been working hard in Maths. 

Here are some pictures of Antoni's work. He wanted to show me and put them on the website for his friends to see :)

Orlaena's science poster.


Nicole's Science poster.

Ava-Rose wrote a fantastic piece of writing all about The Great Fire of London.