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Gods and Mortals

Hello and welcome back to the new school term! I hope you had a fantastic holidaysmiley I am really looking forward to our topic this term which is 'Gods and Mortals.' We will be learning all about Ancient Greece as well as exploring many exciting Greek myths.
Use the website below to explore the world map and find out where Greece is.
Year 3 were lucky enough to take part in a workshop with a special visitor, Cosmic Chris. As our science topic this term is Light, Cosmic Chris focused on activities to do with this topic. It was a very enjoyable morning!
This week we are focusing on a Greek creation myth called Pandora's Box. We used a drama convention called 'conscience alley' to help Pandora to solve her dilemma. 
On Tuesday 31st January Year 3 had a wonderful morning on their trip to the theatre. They took part in acting and had a special backstage tour of the theatre. We had a fantastic time! smiley