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Subject Vision

Geography encourages children to become curious about the world around them. As children move through the school they will acquire knowledge about the physical world and the features of Earth, understanding where places are located in reference to Northampton and being able to locate these places on a globe and using an atlas. We also want our children to understand the differences between people, places and their environments. We want to encourage our children to be aware of the world that they live in and the impact that we can have.



We want children to understand their place in the world and where they are located in relation to other places in the UK and other countries. We want them to be able to use a range of tools and resources to understand our landscape as well as comparing it to contrasting environments, we want our children to be able to describe and look after the different environments in the world. We want our children to be able to use geographical language and be able to identify and name places, the features within them and the human and physical processes. We will encourage pupils to explore maps and atlases, photographs and aerial images and explore our local area. A lot of our children do not leave the area that they live so as teachers we want to give them the opportunity to learn about the wider world sharing our own experiences as necessary.




Following the Cornerstones framework, we deliver a geography curriculum that ensures that children’s knowledge is built upon as they move up the school. During the EYFS children will investigate their world around them and develop some understanding of the world. As they move into KS1 they will understand basic subject specific vocabulary relating to human and physical geography and begin to use geographical skills. Children will leave KS1 knowing about the United Kingdom, capital cities, 7 oceans and continents. Moving into KS2 children will look at the wider world including Europe and North and South America. They will develop their use of geographical tools and skills to enhance their locational and place knowledge




At Earl Spencer Geography will be recorded in different ways and this will be displayed in the children’s individual topic book. This could be as photographs for practical activities, the use of maps to identify features and locations or as written pieces of work. Feedback and marking is followed as per the schools Broader Curriculum subject marking policy and this could include the opportunity for developmental marking and further questioning. At present there is no expected assessment for Geography but this is something that we will be looking implementing in some way.