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What would you do if a dinosaur turned up on your doorstep?  Well that’s exactly what happened to the little boy in this story.  He must learn how to look after his dinosaur: What he eats for breakfast; Where to take it for walks, and most importantly of all, how to deal with its dinosaur - sized pool!



Poor Frog’s pond has dried up and he has nowhere to live. Luckily, he meets friendly Mouse, who is just starting to build a new house. “Everyone’s welcome, no matter who they are,” explains Mouse. “Wherever they may come from, whether near or far.” As Frog and Mouse build a house together, they meet more animals without a place to live. Soon, they all join in to build a big, beautiful home where everyone is welcome, safe and warm.


Peek through this book to find the wolf who is hidden in the pages.

A loving look at what our feline friends really do all day, with heaps of humour and CATtitude. The talented Jo Williamson has created. Joyful picture book packed with peek a boo boxes, quick cat naps, stretching on keyboards ... and hating baths!