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Early Years Foundation Stage

"The curriculum in the Reception Year has been specifically designed to capture the imagination of the children, taking their interests into account.."

"Assessment in the early years foundation stage is accurate."    (Ofsted- March 2019)

Welcome to Earl Spencer Primary EYFS


When your child first starts school, it’s a big change in your family life, especially if it is your oldest or youngest child.

You may be feeling worried that your child will be unhappy, will not make friends, or will not enjoy schoolwork. You may be trying to support your child to make it all feel exciting while, on the inside, you are feeling just as nervous.


We completely understand that this transition, for parents, can be an anxious time. We hope that the information below will help to support this transition into school for yourself and your child and ease any anxieties that you may have. Don't forget that we are only a phone call or email away if you have any questions.




Is your child ready for school?

Intent Implementation and Impact Statement