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Week 1


What a fun-packed first week back after half term!


We had a visit from Lava Linz who helped us find out about electricity - check out our hair-raising photos!


We have really enjoyed starting our new topic, Road Trip USA!  This week, we have 'visited' New York and planned a fun day trip itinerary.  We wrote postcards to describe all the fun places we'd seen!

Week 2


We've had such a fun week thinking about hotels!  The children have designed some extremely extravagant hotels that would be brilliant to stay in whilst visiting New York.  Some of their ideas were outrageous - floors being made out of aquariums, doggy hairdressers and bathrooms being made out of gold.  Clearly they have been on some fancy holidays to get those ideas!! 

In Maths we have been using inverse operations to find missing numbers from calculations.  We have also tried something very tricky - balancing equations.  The children found this a challenge but worked hard and produced some great work on Friday.  Hopefully all that learning will help them complete the missing number homework.

Week 3


Wow! What a talented class we have!  We discovered this during our auditions for the school Talent show.  Everybody who auditioned put on a fantastic show but it was The Midnight Queens who were the most voted for act.  Well done!

We have been continuing our Road-Trip USA topic this week by looking at some of the physical features of America.  We researched them and found out some interesting facts.  Why don't you ask your child how old the Grand Canyon is?

Next Friday is our school fete. It starts at 2pm and goes on until 4pm.  There will be lots of stalls and fun activities and we would love to see you there.



Week 4


The children have worked super hard this week as we have been completing assessments in Maths and English.  Well done everyone!  As a thank you for the children's hard work, there will be no homework this week!!


We have been continuing our topic, Road Trip USA by finding out about a Native American tribe, the Iroquois (ask your child how to pronounce it).  We will continue discovering about these people for the next few weeks.




Week 5


Phew!!  What a busy week!  The children enjoyed celebrating Independence Day on Tuesday as part of our topic, Road Trip USA (they particularly enjoyed trying the food)!


Wednesday was Sports Day and everybody tried their best and behaved brilliantly - well done!


Thursday was our Cultural Day.  The children were mixed up in groups with children from every year.  They spent the day moving around the school to different teachers to find out about different religions.  They performed a wide variety of activities, from bhangra dancing to designing stained glass windows to meditating!!


Don't forget that Monday and Tuesday are transition days where Willow class will be spending the day as Year 5s in Ash class.  They will start the morning on Monday as usual by coming into Willow class as they normally do but they will be picked up from the Year 5 door at the end of the day.



Week 6


It was all change at the start of this week when Willow experienced what life will be like in Year 5.  Miss Evans loved meeting them all and the children had a really good couple of days.


On Thursday, it was Earl Spencer's Talent Show and WOW we are talented!  We were lucky enough to have two groups enter the competition - The Midnight Queens and our wildcard act, The 3 Trixters.  A huge congratulations to all of the children who took part, it's scary stuff standing on the stage and performing to everyone - well done!


Continuing with our Road Trip USA topic, we have been making Dream Catchers just like the Iroquois tribe would have done.  We will be bringing them home next week to make sure our dreams are always lovely.





Week 7