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Week 1


A short but sweet start to Term 5.  We hope you all enjoyed a lovely, restful Easter break. 


The children are really enjoying getting their teeth into our new topic, Blue Abyss.  This week, we have been researching the Great Barrier Reef and enjoyed debating whether or not tourism was a good thing.  The children are full of amazing facts about the Reef, ask them to see what they know!


Well done to all of Willow class as we had a full house of PE kit on Wednesday.  PE will be continue to be on Wednesdays for the rest of the school year.


A reminder that we are having a Book Swap on Monday.  Your child can bring books in from home that they do not want anymore and swap them with books brought in by other children.  


Week 2


We have found out lots more about the midnight zone of the ocean this week.  We have learned a tricky scientific word (which means creatures that make their own light), ask your child what it is!  We have also thought about the animals that live in the midnight zone and how their bodies have adapted to the conditions; this meant we could design our own midnight zone creature.


Don't forget that it is a Bank Holiday weekend, so we will see you back at school on Tuesday - enjoy!


Week 3


We send our apologies to all parents this week as you may find yourself getting persuaded to do things you didn't want to do (sorry)! This is because we have been working very hard on writing persuasively and using persuasive language.  We were blown away by the teamwork put in to create an advert enticing people to visit the Great Barrier Reef!

Continuing on with our Blue Abyss theme, we have also spent a mucky afternoon creating creatures from clay.  The children had to use their knowledge of what the midnight zone was like and how creatures had adapted to those difficulties.  We are looking forward to showing you the finished products in a week or two.

Have a look at our Class photos in Term 5!


Week 4


Another creative afternoon was spent this week, painting our midnight zone clay creatures.  The children used their knowledge to choose suitable colours for painting. 


We have been writing about the crown of thorns starfish during English.  The children are very knowledgeable about this spiky creature - ask them to tell you about it.


Maths has been spent working on decimal numbers and money problems.  Maybe you could encourage your child to help you add up some amounts at the shop.  Can they work out how much change is needed?


Week 5


We have welcomed some visitors into class this week... our Brine Shrimp have taken residence!  We patiently waited for them to hatch and now we have tanks of tiny creatures.  We are excited to see how big they will grow.


The children have been completing some assessments this week and have worked hard to show us everything they have learnt this half term.


We are starting a different spelling scheme after half term and so because of this, there will be no spelling homework this week or next.


Week 6