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Week 6


Well, what an eggstremely lovely way to end the term!  Thank you to everyone who brought in a decorated egg for our Easter celebration - they were eggsquisite!! 


We hope you all enjoy a lovely Easter break and come back refreshed and ready to find out all about our new topic - Blue Abyss.

Week 5


A busy week!!  Maths has been full of calculations - multiplication and division.  The children have been practising the short methods for both.  The maths homework is focusing on division but the children will have to work out the word problem first.

Well done to everyone who has tried so hard with their attendance this week.  Willow's hasn't been great for a while now but with all our hard work, we were 2nd best attenders in the whole school.  We've got our fingers crossed for 1st place next week - the children are excited about the prospect of double Golden Time if we win!

Willow class will be going swimming after the Easter holidays.  The lessons will begin on Monday 23rd April and continue until Monday 21st May.  All the information you need will be sent home in a letter.  Please sign and return the slip to give permission.  Look out for the letter coming home on Friday!

Week 4


This week we have completed our assessments - some wonderfully written diaries written from a Viking child's point of view.  We have also been thinking about how we can use our senses when writing a setting description.  The children used a drama technique called a 'guided tour' to take their partner on a journey into the scene (have a look in our photos section).  They then used that to help them write a detailed description.

In maths, we have revisited short multiplication - we will continue this for a couple of days next week too.

This week has been a very successful week for lots of children - we've had successes in football, cross-country running, lunchtime supervisor awards and some children have also received their pen licences.  Well done everyone!


Week 3


The children have worked hard this week.  In Maths, we have continued to look at Time and in English, the children have been writing diaries based around King Arthur. 

Towards the end of the week, the children have been showing us how much they remember by completing some mid-term assessments.  They have been superstars!

Willow class have been using the Chromebooks to do their own research on Vikings.  They are in the middle of producing some wonderful factfiles about them.  When they are complete, I will post some photos in out Class Photos section of the website.

Week 2


Well, our week started off as it normally does (working hard with our Maths and English) but ended very differently!  We didn't let the snow interfere too much with our Viking Day - it was great fun and we learned lots of new things.  We've also been inspired to find out much more about the Vikings too - we will do that in the next few weeks.  Have a look at some images of the day in our Class Photos section.  Also, head over to our Lesson Links where you will find a link to an online Viking game called 'Nine Men's Morris'.  We played it on the afternoon of Viking Day but because of the snow, some of the children missed it.  See if you like it!

We hope you all enjoyed the snow day - hopefully that's the last we'll see of it until next Winter.