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Week 1

Welcome back after the Christmas break!  We have started the term with a short week although we have managed to squeeze lots in to these two days! 

We have started our new topic which is called Burps, Bottoms and Bile.  This is all about the digestive system and we will spend the remaining five weeks of the term discovering what happens to our food after we eat it.

Week 2


Willow class had a visitor on Tuesday from St John's Ambulance who taught them some First Aid skills.  Well done to all the children for participating well.

We have been continuing to learn about the digestive system and have started to plan and write an adventure story based on this. 

We have also been finding out about our teeth.  We made an imprint of our teeth and identified the different types.  Check out the photo section to see how we did it.

Homework this week is a little different.  We are setting the children a challenge to invent a new land and write a poem about it.  There are lots of helpful hints on how to do this on the sheet that has gone home.


Week 3


Willow class have been keen writers this week, continuing their adventure story based inside the digestive system.  We can't wait to read the finished stories next week!

We have also been working hard in Maths this week, looking at fractions and decimals.  The children have done really well at this tricky area of Maths.

We have also been continuing to learn about our teeth - this week we have discovered what they are made from.




Week 4


This week, the children have worked hard to finish their adventure story - finally the escape from the digestive system!! The children have focussed on their use of conjunctions and fronted adverbials and have produced some great endings to their stories.   Well done!


In Maths, we have continued to look at fractions.  We have been finding equivalent fractions; adding and subtracting fractions; working with tenths and hundredths and finding fractions of numbers.  In short, we've been 'fraction crazy'!!


Our topic has been quite messy this week!  We have watched how our saliva breaks food down and starts the digestive process.  We have also been taking a closer look at our teeth and how well we brush them.  We chewed disclosing tablets to show us where plaque is hidden on our teeth.  We made sure we brushed our teeth properly afterwards.  Check out our pictures!





Week 5


Willow class have been superstars this week as they have been completing assessments in all areas (English, Maths and Science). 

The assessments have ranged from reading, SPaG and maths tests to a writing assessment to planning their own Science experiment to determine how effective our toothpaste is.  We used eggs as a tooth substitute and so our classroom has had a distinctly 'funky' smell to it!  Nice!

This week, there will not be any maths homework.  Instead, we would like the children to complete a book review on a book of their choice.  This could be their school reading book or a favourite book from home.  We would like to display some of these reviews in our newly moved book corner.

Week 6


We've had a lovely end to the term. 


We had an exciting day on Tuesday when we got to look at some real organs from the digestive system (don't worry, we didn't chop up a child)!!  Keep your eyes peeled for the photos coming soon.


We had a visitor on Thursday to tell us about Magical Maths.  The children will be coming home with a flyer for a Magical Maths after school club - look out for it in their school bag.


Have a lovely half term break and we will see you back on Monday 19th February.