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Book of the week!

Every week an adult from Elm class will choose our 'Book of the week' and will share it with the children.

Week one:

'There's a monster in your book' 
Author: Tom Fletcher

Chosen by Miss Dines 

"The main character in this story is a naughty little monster who escapes from the pages of the book! The children and I loved sharing this book together as it made us all laugh!"
Elm class rating: 10/10! smiley


Week two:

'It Takes Two to Twit Twoo'
Author: Paula Knight

Chosen by Mrs Dilley

"I like this book because there is a happy ending for Olive. She had been lonely for a long time. I also learnt that it definitely takes two owls to twit twoo!"

Elm class rating: 10/10! smiley



Week three


'Green Eggs and Ham'

Author: Dr Zeuss

Chosen by Mrs Palmer


"I like this book because of the rhyming words. This is something we have been learning all about in Elm class recently."





Week four


"Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell"

Author: Sue Hendra

Chosen by: Miss Dines


"This story follows the adventure of Norman the Slug who longs to be a snail! He finds the most delicious shell. The class and I love Norman the Slug!