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Autumn Term 1- Superheroes

Our topic for this term is Superheroes. We will be focusing on fantasy Superheroes for the first few weeks and at the end of the term we will be looking at real life heroes.

Week 3- 20th September 2016


This week in English we have been looking at speech bubbles. We looked at different Superhero scenarios and as a class we thought of what the speech bubbles might say for each one. The children also had a go at acting out some of the scenarios and some children were in the role of a Superhero and acted out what the speech bubbles would say.

The children had lots of fun and loved being Superheroes!

On Thursday 22nd, as a class, we elected two children to be part of the school council. The children within the class voted for who they wanted to represent our class and they chose Musa and Ruby.

Musa and Ruby will have to attend school council meetings with children from all other year groups and will have to contribute in discussions with the other members. They will both have to report back to class after their meeting to tell us all what they have discussed in the meeting.

They are both very excited to be part of the school council and were excited to get a badge. 


Monday 26th September


Today in Maths we have started to look at subtraction. We focused on keeping it a practical lesson to start with so that the children can see it visually and physically take away the amounts. The children had to read subtraction number sentences and then using the picture of the bus, they had to place the amount of bears on it and then take away the amount that the number sentence said. 



Monday 3rd October


This week we received a letter from the Yeti. We were told that someone had seen the Yeti around the school and they think he may have left them in our outside area. We all went outside to have a look and found them but they were frozen!! The children wrote thank you letters to the Yeti because he had returned Charlie's pants.






Wednesday 5th October 


In maths we have been looking at our number bonds to 10. We have been using Numicon to help us work out what 2 numbers add together to make 10.

This week in Science we have been exploring our sense of smell. As a class we smelt 7 different things and discussed what we thought about the. We found that the most popular smell was the Star Anise and Lemon Juice and the least popular was the vinegar!

Our attendance was over 96% this week so we got ice lollies, well done. Let's try and do better and win the attendance trophy. WE CAN DO IT HAZEL CLASS!! 




On Tuesday 11th October we went to the Mounts fire station. The firemen took us around the fire truck and talked about everything  that was on it. It was very interesting and the children had lots of fun. Lots of the children said that there favourite part was when the firemen went down the pole, they thought that was very exciting!