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Autumn Term 1- Selfie!

Selfie! frown
This term we are getting to know one another by learning about ourselves, our likes and dislikes and how our bodies work!

Our first week at Earl Spencer Primary School!

This week in science, we have been exploring our similarities and differences. We drew around our bodies and began to label our different body parts. We found that some of us are taller than others, some of us have brown hair, some of us are girls and some of us are boys. We have so many differences which makes us so special, but we have lots of similarities too. (For example; We ALL go to Earl Spencer Primary School.)





Look at all of the lovely learning we have done this week!

Happy half term Elm class!


Exploring numicon and ordering numerals! 


Using numicon and the 'part, part, whole' model to represent our number sentences. 



Applying our phonics learning to our independent choosing time. Great segmenting using sound buttons!