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Autumn term 1- SELFIE!


This term we are getting to know one another by learning about ourselves, our likes and dislikes and how our bodies work!

Our first day of school! :)


We had a brilliant two days in school this week! Well done to our new starters! 



Week 2!


This week we have been busy exploring our new classroom and outdoor area. The sun has been shining so it has been great to learn outdoors!








Week 3!


This week we went on a NUMBER HUNT! We discovered that numbers are all around us- in our classroom, outdoor areas, and corridors!






Image result for we're going on a bear hunt


This week we have been exploring Michael Rosen's 'We're Going On a Bear Hunt' in Literacy. We have created a class story map and have begun retelling the whole story using lots of actions! I wonder if you can retell the story to your families?










This week in Literacy we have been exploring the book Pumpkin Soup!


We followed a simple recipe and made our own pumpkin soup to try! Some of us loved it..some of us not so much!


Exploring the inside of a pumpkin!