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Autumn 2- Dinosaur Planet

To start this topic off the children came into school after the holidays to notice something strange in our outside area. 

The children made some great predictions about what they thought it was.






Over the holidays the children were asked to make or draw something linking to our topic. We had some lovely things made and drawn and it is lovely to see the children being creative in the half term.

Nana,  Matei and Efe took part in a sports competition out of school. They did fabulous and behaved very well.



As a class we have learnt to retell a fact file about lizards. The children have learnt to retell it using actions.

See if they can show you and tell you the facts we have learnt.


This week it has been Parliament week. 

As we a class we looked at who Emily Davison was. We discussed her views and talked about how woman couldn’t vote 100 years  ago. 

The children discussed how they would feel if they weren’t treated the same as everyone else. 

We then looked at two pictures that were taken inside parliament and compared them.


In PSHE we were discussing how when we make positive choices this can lead to happiness for others. The children were put into groups and given different scenarios and they had to show in a freeze frame. The rest of the class had to guess what their scenario was.