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Autumn 1

  This term our theme is Superheroes 

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Merit Winners

When I grow up I want to be a...

Police Officer

Florence Nightingale

We had a very special visitor in Year 1 this week, Florence Nightingale.  She told us all about her life and work.

We learned that she wanted to be a nurse even though her parents did not agree.  She changed nursing and 

saved lots of lives.  She cleaned the hospitals and made sure all patients were clean and cared for. We asked 

her lots of questions.  She even brought a sick soldier with her and she quickly made him better! 


Emergency at Earl Spencer

Our Trip to the Firestation

Food Glorious Food!

In Science we have been learning all about our senses.  We learned that we have 5 senses and what we use each

one for.  We had great fun using our sense of taste trying out different foods.

Why not sing along to the song we have been sing in school to help us to learn about our

senses. smiley

The Five Senses Song

"Charlie's Superhero Underpants"

We got a letter from Charlie asking us to help him find the Yeti who had stolen his superhero underpants.

We helped by making wanted posters.  The Yeti had a change of heart and returned Charlie's pants, but

they were FROZEN!! sad

Superhero Fun

In Topic we have been busy building Superhero Dens with Lego.  We also made some Superhero masks.

We really enjoyed making the masks and played lots of games in our outdoor area wearing our masks.

The Great Outdoors

Welcome to our new outdoor area!  We have been having lots of fun exploring it and playing with all the great new

games and equipment in it.  We have been busy playing Superheroes in our Superhero Rescue Centre and driving 

around in our Superhero car smiley


We have been practicing our Phase 2 and 3 sounds in phonics.

Feel free to practice at home using the sound mats below smiley

Useful Websites for Phonics


We have been practicing our numbers.  Luckily we didn't forget it all over the summer smiley

We even managed to count all the way to 100!  


We have been singing this song to help us count!  Why not have a go at home and become

a counting expert no