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Autumn 1 - Muck, Mess and Mixtures

This term our topic is Muck, Mess and Mixtures!

Keep an eye on our page for pictures of us getting messy and mucky!

Week 3

This week in Science we have been carrying out investigations into which soap products make the best bubbles. We used potato mashers, whisks and sponges to try and make the best bubbles we could! We tested hand soap, washing powder, washing up liquid, bubble bath and a bar of soap. We discussed whether we carried out a fair test, and decided that it wasn’t fair as Miss Rowley didn’t measure the same amount of water and soap products! We are really starting to understand what a fair test is!


Have a look at some photos of us getting messy making the bubbles!

Week 4

On Monday we had a visitor called Jupiter Jack from Mad Science. He taught us all about different states of matter and we looked at the different structures of solids, liquids and gases. Have a look at the photos of us getting messy and making slime!


Following on from our visit from Jupiter Jack, we have been looking at how things change state. We got to have lots of fun making our own ice-cream!! We watched how the milk and sugar turned into a solid when we shook the bag! We had so much fun!


Here is a link showing you how to make your own ice-cream.


Have a look at some photos of us enjoying making and eating our ice-cream!


This week we won the attendance cup for having the highest attendance in the school!

We enjoyed eating our ice lollies - let's hope we can keep this up next week!